We have the magnetic safe box you have been looking for.  Magnet boxes, safes, vehicle storage.  Travel and surf stress free!  Magnet otterbox

Magnetic Stash Boxes

for your vehicle!

Stay safe when

you travel!

We have the waterproof and smell-proof case you’ve been looking for!

Waterproof, crushproof, and airtight!

• Strongest materials, magnets, and hardware

• Made with fiberglass-reinforced ABS resin

• Virtually Indestructible, 1000lbs crush tested

• High Density Closed-cell neoprene O-ring

• Waterproof and smell-proof seal

• High-grade ceramic magnet fixtures

• Heavy duty anodized steel hardware

• 1” interior washers for extra reinforcement

• Internal Foam Padding

• Two tight fitting external latches




We cut no corners to make sure our boxes are the best!

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Fully Field Tested.  Your satisfaction guaranteed.

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